August, 2016

27Augganztägig03SepHarmonica & Fingerpicking Bluesguitar Workshop in Tribalj (Croatia) with Marko Jovanovic & Peter Crow C.(ganztägig) TribaljVeranstaltung:Workshops


Information about the “Harmonica and Guitar Workshop” Saturday 27 August – Saturday 3 September 2016

In this unique workshop, Peter Crow C. and Marko Jovanovic will show you the secrets to playing together successfully on guitar and harmonica.

The workshop is divided into two sections. In the first section, guitarists and harmonica players will be taught separately. Working from each player’s individual ability, the guitarists will focus on songs that will help them to learn the essential fingerpicking techniques (slide, thumb rolls and alternate bass picking). Right from the beginning the main focus of the instruction will be on playing together with the harmonica players. The harmonica players will pay special attention to improvisation and also learn how to play rhythmic accompaniment in the songs.

In the second section of the workshop, the guitarists and harmonica players will apply what they have learned in small groups. In addition to playing together, the participants will also work on their listening skills, feeling the musical direction and experimentation.

Peter Crow C. and Marko Jovanovic will be there to make suggestions and share useful tips. The goal is to perform one or more songs successfully together.

The workshop will take place at Hotel Balatura, located in the beautiful, picturesque mountains of Tribalj, Croatia.

About the instructors:

Peter Crow C

Marko Jovanovic

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August 27 (Samstag) - September 3 (Samstag)



  1. Stade se cvijece rosom kititi Franolić Ćulap Jovanović 4:46
  2. Don't Matter Bluesrudy & Marko Jovanović 4:05
  3. Little Fischer Schantz Little Sam Lud 2:50
  4. Mafia Branko Galoić & Marko Jovanović 3:32
  5. No Particular Blues Lars Vegas & The Love Gloves 3:13
  6. Balkan For Zoran Marko Jovanović 1:22
  7. Radar Love Marko Jovanović & Ensemble Piaccordia 5:02
  8. Malo Morgan Disco Marko Jovanović 0:59
  9. Jasmin Franolić Ćulap Jovanović 4:35
  10. Mona Little Sam Lud 2:46