1. Jasmin Trio Franolić & Jovanović & Ćulap 4:49

Trio Franolić – Jovanović – Ćulap

2016 – current

In the summer of 2015 I met Drazen Franolić and Kamenko Ćulap. They’ve been performing as a duo for over ten years and last year I attended one of their concerts in Croatia. Coincidentally they were staying at the same hotel where I was giving summer courses for the Harmonica School Berlin. Shortly after meeting them, we had our first jam session together. Afterwards, we decided that we should work together and in early 2016 our first album was recorded in Zagreb, Croatia.

  1. Stade se cvijece rosom kititi Franolić Ćulap Jovanović 4:46
  2. Don't Matter Bluesrudy & Marko Jovanović 4:05
  3. Little Fischer Schantz Little Sam Lud 2:50
  4. Mafia Branko Galoić & Marko Jovanović 3:32
  5. No Particular Blues Lars Vegas & The Love Gloves 3:13
  6. Balkan For Zoran Marko Jovanović 1:22
  7. Radar Love Marko Jovanović & Ensemble Piaccordia 5:02
  8. Malo Morgan Disco Marko Jovanović 0:59
  9. Jasmin Franolić Ćulap Jovanović 4:35
  10. Mona Little Sam Lud 2:46