September, 2016

10Sepganztägig21Harmonica / Vocal Workshop with Marko Jovanovic & Alan Razzak & Sailing Adventure in Tribalj / Croatia(ganztägig) TribaljVeranstaltung:Workshops


Information about the “Harmonica / Vocal Workshop & Sailing Adventure” Saturday 10 September – Wednesday 21 September 2016

From Saturday 10 September to Wednesday 21 September 2016, Marko Jovanovic and Alan Razzak are offering a spectacular harmonica and vocal workshop combining music, a sailing vacation and the enjoyment of good food.

The 11-day workshop will be divided into two parts. During the first 7 days, musical instruction will take place at Hotel Balatura, located in the beautiful, picturesque mountains of Tribalj, Croatia. This will be followed by 3 days sailing around the 100 islands of the Kornati National Park in the Adriatic Sea.

In the first section of the workshop, harmonic players and vocalists will be instructed separately based on their ability. The focus of the lessons will be to strengthen each participant’s individual technique. The second section of the workshop will focus on practical application of technique and performing together. In preparation for a concert on the Friday evening, songs will be practiced and arranged together in small groups.

4 hours of lessons will be given on each day of the workshop for a total of 24 hours of musical instruction. As the number of participants is limited, this workshop promises attentive individual instruction where your personal musical preferences can be taken into account. Both beginners and advanced students are welcome.

The 3-day sailing adventure through the Kornati National Park will begin on Saturday morning after the concert on Friday evening.

A fantastic musical and sailing adventure awaits you in this very special workshop …

About the instructors:

Marko Jovanovic

Alan Razzak

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September 10 (Samstag) - 21 (Mittwoch)



  1. Stade se cvijece rosom kititi Franolić Ćulap Jovanović 4:46
  2. Don't Matter Bluesrudy & Marko Jovanović 4:05
  3. Little Fischer Schantz Little Sam Lud 2:50
  4. Mafia Branko Galoić & Marko Jovanović 3:32
  5. No Particular Blues Lars Vegas & The Love Gloves 3:13
  6. Balkan For Zoran Marko Jovanović 1:22
  7. Radar Love Marko Jovanović & Ensemble Piaccordia 5:02
  8. Malo Morgan Disco Marko Jovanović 0:59
  9. Jasmin Franolić Ćulap Jovanović 4:35
  10. Mona Little Sam Lud 2:46